Sunday Sun, Nov.23, 1997
by Henri De Marne

Those of us living in temperate climate areas – where summer ventilation is done by opening windows instead of turning on the air conditioner – must remember to ventilate our houses throughout the early part of the fall to reduce to excessive moisture problem we will otherwise experience in late fall and winter.

This excessive moisture will make itself felt in the form of condensation on windows and door knobs; musty damp smell inside; condensation and mildew in closets, etc.

Throughout the summer, with our windows open, great quantities of moisture have been absorbed by all the components or our houses.

Now that it is getting colder and we shut ourselves in for the winter and turn the heat on, this moisture is slowly being released and can cause serious problems.

Open you windows wide during the breezy fall days even if you have to wear a sweater inside; you will be happy you did as winter progresses.